An Ultimate College Essay Writing Guide

Writing essays at the university level can be difficult, especially if you have no personal interest in the topic at hand. Thankfully, millions of essays have been written, and the process has been distilled to a simple, step by step process you can work through each and every time.

Use the tips in this ultimate college essay writing guide to put together perfect essays with ease.

Always Start with the Five Paragraph Structure

Even if your essay needs to be several pages long, the five paragraph structure is an essential starting point. It includes:

  1. An introductory paragraph with the final sentence as your thesis statement
  2. Three supporting paragraphs backing up the claim made in your thesis statement
  3. A concluding paragraph that reiterates what was covered in your essay

By using this structure, you’ll always be sure to cover the basics. If your essay needs to be longer than five paragraphs, simply view each paragraph as a section and expand accordingly.

Always Use an Outline

Even students who have already mastered the art of essay writing continue using an outline. It helps you clarify your own thoughts on the subject, helps ensure that all of your points are presented in a logical order, and simply makes it easier for you to write the essay in entirety.

You absolutely do not need to use any particular outline structure. The point of the outline isn’t to follow rigid rules that prevent your creativity, but to allow you to become organized for actually writing your essay.

Use the Library for Research and Inspiration

Before putting together your outline, take the time to stop by the library. While there, you’ll have access to scholarly articles on the subject covered in your essay, which you can use for inspiration. You can also browse through several books, looking for important information and facts that will lend credibility to your paper.

Most students make the mistake of doing their research after they’ve decided what to write on. When they can’t find what they need, they’re unable to move forward with writing their paper. Avoid writer’s block by doing the research first.

Purchase Pre-Written Essays

This is an odd tip, but it is incredibly helpful. Start by purchasing an essay on your subject. You’ll not only be able to review the entire structure, but also see several sources used for writing the paper. This can take all of the hard work out of having to come up with all of the ideas on your own, and many students find it to be an indispensable technique.