AthTek Skype recorder is easily one of the best soft wares; its slick, simple designed interface makes it stand out from other apps and its feature packed with drag and drop options, automatic and manual capabilities and more.
The best feature of this app is that it gives you high quality recordings for both video and audio Skype conversations, there’s nothing that counts more as having your Skype calls recorded in high quality, it always gives a clear and real image which makes the memories even more precious to watch again. Not only does it ensure high quality recordings, it also allows you to record your side and the other side of the Skype call without losing any media data. It even makes it easy to record the callers details for example, name, call duration, thanks to AthTek that allows you to do all this making it easy for you to search for them in the future.

You can record your Skype conversations automatically, if you make a call in Skype, the app will detect and it will automatically start recording them, so you might not even feel the need to record them manually, unless you just don’t intend to record away every Skype call.

This program works on windows and it’s every bit of impressive here, it gives you far greater control over your recording than most alternatives such as drag & release which helps you to haul your Skype recording history from Skype to Media Player. There are options of different formats you can store your Skype recordings with, such as WAV/MP3 format depending on what you like. You can also save and upload your recorded files onto a web server; this helps you to access the files whenever you want in the future.

Feature of AthTek

 AthTek Skype recorder is simple and user-friendly, it’s one tool you will not find any difficulty to use, its interface is as direct as downloading it on your computer, Once you have it installed, everything will be clear for you.

 Anyone looking for a soft ware that supports both video and audio Skype call, AthTek is the one, this tool allows users to go away with both recordings which is not common, now you can record your video Skype conversations and store the memories of your friends and families, i know that recording video is the most interesting thing to do since when you playback the memories, it looks as if its real and you are communicating with your people again

 Also, i will say this again, the tool records Skype conversations with high-quality, i am placing great emphasis on this because, if an app cannot provide you with the best quality results, then it is not worth wasting your time on, no person would be happy to preview Skype recordings that are blurred or even unheard, that is why it is important.


• The tool is advanced and will provide you with the best services
• It comes with both manual and automatic recording


To get the full version of this app requires payment first.


You can try out this AthTek call recorder soft ware for free, but if you are serious about exploring other features it has, you’ll want to try out its paid version.




G-Recorder is a professional tool, but it’s easy to use and you can always retrieve your calls if you need them, there are plenty of Skype recording apps, but while most offer audio and video calls few allow you to save your Skype calls and Chats in your email in the way G-Recorder does. This excellent app makes accessing your calls on the internet easy, fun and convenient. We can’t work out how such a slick, feature packed app manages to be 100% free from spyware, adware, virus, but we’re not complaining.
This program will forward all your Skype calls to a specified email no matter what. If you’re addicted to recording Skype Chats on your windows, then this tool is up there as one of the best apps. The clear and beautiful interface makes it an extremely easy task to manage and record your Skype calls and you can as well backup your Skype calls plus Chats in case you fix your system soft ware, so you’re never stuck for things to listen to.
What sets G-Recorder apart from other apps is the wealth of options, such as storing calls in email as mp3 format and the ability to access recorded files on the internet for as long as you are connected. If you have specific calls you listen to regularly, then this is the app you need.

Advantages of G-Recorder

• The best thing ever happened about this Skype recorder is that once you pay for its professional version and you don’t find it worthy or satisfying to your expectations, you are guaranteed to 30 days to get your money back, most users found this really cool, and that means you can trust the soft ware because if it was not the best available they would even never ever thought of refunding back your money. So you have all the reason to go for this tool and see what is has got in store for you.

• It gives you the power to be in control when you want to listen to your recordings, anytime any day you will manage to listen to your calls if you get connected to the internet, no more worries, for instance you have gone somewhere very far without your laptop, you will be content that you can still access them if at all you want to use them for any kind of reference.
• While recording your Skype calls, warning sounds will automatically play, but if you are not interested in them, there’s an option to disable them and continue without them.

Disadvantages of G-Recorder

• It’s free trial version will permit you to record for only 14 days


G-Recorder is one of the best Skype recorder apps for windows. It does it all. Letting users to access files on their mobile, in many ways it’s more powerful and more advanced; it can even be used to transfer existing Skype chat history to your email, it’s exciting, and you’ll wonder how you even lived without it.


12 Best Skype Recorders for Windows

Recently i have been asked a couple of times by colleagues how to record Skype calls…we all know Skype is the most popular program used by the majority of individuals in the world to stay in touch, and of course, recording some calls could have a statistic of advantages. For instance, you could record podcasts & interviews, conferences & lessons, personal conversations for your socialite as well as make videos from Skype and watch them in the future if at all you want to memorize about something. And now here is a list of 12 best third-party applications that will certainly offer you Skype recording so you can start conducting all of the calls you have ever wished to have and store them for future reference.

1. TalkHelper Call Recorder for Skype

TalkHelper Call recorder for Skype has won 1st place best recorder of all times. It has also earned a place on our list of 12 best Skype recorders available. The soft ware is compatible with windows and lightweight. It is easy to manage, record calls smoothly; there is the choice of automatic and manual recording. It allows users to record video and audio Skype conversations, the best part is it captures the entire video frame during Skype recording and it records from interior of Skype.
The app records in good high-quality as you would expect it to. One thing that makes TalkHelper stand out from the rest is the fact that users are able to use it at ease by recording video calls and at the same time they can screen share, and the app will definitely save the Skype video calls into AVI files with the XVID Codec reinforced. This soft ware is ideal for most professionals and families, giving you enough recording options to smoothly run your Skype recording without any difficulty.
Users also appreciate that everything they need comes included in the recorder. The app includes recording of voice mails, Skype Chat messages and the pause or resume button, so you don’t have to worry about recording your Skype conversations without pausing where need be. Other recording options include storing Skype audio conversations in WAV/MP3file format with either mono/stereo option.
Additionally, TalkHelper has two versions; 1) Free trial version 2) Premium version: The trial version offers you 7 days of trial with no any functional control, and then the premium version offers life time recording with the amazing features. So, the choice is in your hands whether to upgrade or not after experiencing how great it works with the free trial version.
Lastly, it comes with a simple interface, it’s Set-up is as easy as downloading it, and you can record Skype conversations automatically, if you have been in need of a hassle free recorder that can record all your Skype calls, this is a great tool.

2. iFree Skype Recorder

As this soft ware’s name suggests, iFree Skype recorder is absolutely free and user-friendly.
Audio Recording: Yes| Video Recording: Yes| Windows: win 7, win 8, win 8.1, win 10, and win Vista |File size: 1.93 mb.
When someone asks me for a recommendation for a free Skype recorder soft ware, iFree is always on the top of my list. I loved the way this tool recorded my Skype calls and, obviously, it recorded in good high-quality, too. In my opinion, the iFree Skype recorder is modern in just about every way. It is the kind that will not leave you longing for more; it allows you to record Skype conversations for as long as you want with no limitation, it will have you grabbing popcorn as you record not until you drop. This tool gives users an alternative to record their Skype conversations in stereo or mono file format as well as different sides’ i.e Remote or Local.
With this app, you will be in position to do a lot because it is more than capable of handling any of the recording tasks you throw at it. From recording calls to storing them into mp3 file format and tracking recorded Skype calls and everything in between. It records calls automatically every time you begin a call in Skype, otherwise, you can choose to record them manually if that is what you prefer…once you change the settings to manual recording, you will have to click the Record button whenever you place a call then.


 It comes with an automatic Chat Reply
 It is completely free
 The tool has got an intuitive interface
 iFree is easy to install
 It is also free from adware and spyware.


 It is not the best for business
 iFree Skype recorder has no notification sound to warn you that the recording has started.

Now, if you are looking for one of the best free Skype recorder applications on the market today, it’s pretty hard to do better than iFree Skype recorder.

3. Pamela Skype Recorder

Pamela Skype Recorder is an excellent app for users looking for professional features. It’s exceptional for recording both video and audio Skype conversations without losing sound precision. The program is compatible with windows and functions together with Skype as well as other Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. While recording Skype conversations, the app ensures high-quality for both video and audio calls and has got an easy to use interface which will start recording your Skype conversations automatically the minute it recognizes that you have initiated a call in Skype.
Recording conference calls, interviews and Chat messages are a snap with this app, which is extremely a great addition for users. It’s efficient and incredibly reliable, plus it comes in four editions, 1) Pamela Basic, 2) Pamela Call Recorder, 3) Pamela Professional and 4) Pamela Business. Each of these editions is different, so, make sure to take a look at the features of each edition you consider to upgrade to. In addition to the Pamela Basic version, it will offer you with free 15 minutes of call recording, and this helps you to determine how the other editions will work for you in regard to recording your Skype conversations.

As a full package, Pamela offers irresistible features as follows below:

• Pamela Skype Recorder comes with an automatic Chat reply, this one here helps to respond back to all the people who try to reach when you are away from your machine, so that when you get back, you are free continue from where it stopped.
• This app allows users record Skype conversations and share them on their blogs for other people to watch.
• It has an answering machine which also replies to your Skype calls as a robot, in most cases, when you are not ready to pick up your Skype call, this one will represent for you whenever.
• There is also a possibility to edit your recordings, you can always rename your files by adding names or create quick memos which helps you to search for the files in the future.
• Pamela redirects Email plus it has recording options such as Mono / Stereo options
If you are deep in the search for your first or next Skype recorder, you can stop looking now. Pamela Skype recorder is a great choice.

4. Mp3 Skype Recorder

Mp3 Skype recorder is a free and well designed soft ware that’s extremely easy to use, has built-in Mp3, and records perfectly. On top of that, the app offers both video and audio Skype conversations as it stores them in MP3, WAV, OGG file format. Additionally, you can capture files while recording Skype calls to save them for future use. I don’t usually recommend Skype recorder apps to people because everyone has their tastes and preferences and saying that one is surely better than another is a matter of opinion at this point. Except for Mp3 Skype recorder! The soft ware has the ability to record numerous calls and store them independently. Not only does this recorder offer you with what i have mentioned above, but also supports recording Skype conversations in different modes for example Only video, Picture-in-Picture / Only audio mode etc. Furthermore, it also records calls that may be made from your Skype wired number, Peer To Peer plus SkypeOut conversations.

How to Install

• Download Mp3 Skype recorder from its official website to your computer
• After, install the application, you will see a simple interface once it’s installed.
• Click Next on window’s Standard installer
• As soon as the installation is done, the soft ware should be in position to start recording your Skype conversations automatically.
• Mp3 Skype recorder’s default settings are automatic, so recording conversations should be automatically.

5. Amolto for Skype

Amolto Call recorder for Skype is one of the best recording programs out there. The soft ware features a simple interface, compatible with windows, and it just keeps things smooth and clean. It also offers audio Skype conversations, and records video Skype calls into Mp4 file format, the ability to record Skype calls in high-quality is what makes this app stand out more. It is powerful and best of all it’s free to down and use. Aside from the very basics, Amolto starts recording your Skype conversations automatically, the tool will identify once you make a call and it will start recording, be more relaxed while using Amolto app to record your Skype conversations because all you will have to do after installing it to make a call, in addition, it has also got manual recording, to use manual recording you have to turn one down in order for it to be successful.
However, Amolto has two versions: It has got the free trial version which offers only 5 minutes unlimited recording ( Skype audio calls only), and the premium version; The paid version offers you both video and audio Skype conversations in high-quality and other life-time features which would make your recording experience unforgettable and worth to playback in the future. Both the versions of Amolto call recorder for Skype are excellent and reliable, but, the only challenge is that if you want to record both video and audio Skype calls and you are using the free trial version, I’m afraid, it will not offer you with what you are looking for, i would recommend you to purchase for the Premium version that comes with both and start enjoying your recording sessions without any hindrance.


– The free trial version does not support Skype video calling, users need to upgrade if at all they want to use both video and audio call.

6. Evaer

Evaer is among the best windows apps for getting things done. It’s a to-do list soft ware that helps you to record both video and audio Skype conversations and also keep track of different tasks that you want. It’s great for sharing music during Skype recording. The app also records video and audio calls separately; it records audio calls in Mp3 whereas videos are recorded in mp4 format. You can choose to pause the on-going call recording and first concentrate on other activities and resume when you are ready. Unlike most, Evaer’s free trial version supports both video and audio Skype calls with basic features like recording Skype calls automatically when you begin a call, while the Premium version offers you with exciting features like recording Skype Video calls in various modes such as record side-by-side or picture-in-picture mode and also view the video that is being recorded during a video Skype recording which enables you to edit it before you even store it on your computer. The premium version is made for more business-oriented individuals. It’s a functional program and you can use it to record all kinds of Skype calls e.g Voice mails and Skype video Chats and store them on your computer. It’s a free download which is also flexible.

Set-up Evaer

I always advise people who consult me on how to configure Evaer call recorder to leave it at its default settings which is the automatic recording; that way, you would never miss a chance to have your Skype conversations recorded since the tool will record automatically whatever call Skype gets, as opposed to changing them to manual settings because, who knows? You would one day have an interview and forget to click the record button. I’m sure that would pretty hurt. So, it’s best to set-up automatic recording.

7. Callnote for Skype

Callnote Video call recorder should clearly be among those options you contemplate on for recording your Skype conversations. It’s free, compatible with windows and it’s widely used by a large number of groups and individuals. The program offers unbelievable number of recording options just to make it happen for you. On top of having various options, This application also allows users to record video and audio Skype conversations making it easy for users to share their recorded files on other platforms like Google Drive and YouTube for friends to watch etc. it’s the most perfect soft ware for taking video snapshots during Skype call recording sessions. It’s pretty much as good as it records video and audio Skype conversations in high-quality. It features a screen capture that helps you take funny moments during the recording period, edit your Skype videos and beautify them to your standards. You can get a 30 free recording a month with the callnote premium, but ultimately the full version of Callnote professional costs money of which it will offer you with unlimited Skype call recording. Callnote Video call recorder is one of those soft wares everyone should have.

8. Vodburner

If you spend your days receiving quite a number of Skype calls, you are going to want to find one of the best recorder applications, and that’s arguably Vodburner video call recorder. The app is packed full of features, many of which you will find elsewhere, but you will be hard pushed to find them all in a single app. Well, these include recording video and audio Skype conversations – recording Skype video calls in various modes like this side/other side – side by side, from capturing video Skype frames, to storing them to mp4 format and more. You will as well manage to edit your recorded Skype video calls, the ability to add texts and record automatically which is handy in case there are certain parts you don’t want, you can trim them out. You can even decide to record calls manually, so you will disable the automatic recording to use the manual settings.
This program offers you the capability to pause your Skype call recording, resume when you want and begin exactly from where it got paused. Sadly, Vodburner will watermark your Skype video calls if the other person on-line does not have the app installed or if one of you is not using video call, it sure will watermark the videos, so, it is always a great idea to first confirm if you both have Vodburner soft ware installed. Also, not to forget, the app is compatible with windows 7 / 8/ 2000 / Vista / XP and it is lightweight. It will not take you forever to have this soft ware downloaded already on your windows so that you can start recording Skype conversations and store your best calls to easily return to later which is convenient if you are the type who enjoys re-watching memories. Vodburner is fast, simple solution that’s great to have to hand for when you do need it.

9. SuperTintin

Supertintin is not new; it’s been in the market for so long and turned into one of the best Skype recorder apps around. It’s user-friendly, as anyone can use it, but most importantly it’s a very powerful and advanced soft ware, primarily because of the amount of control it gives you. You can choose to record in remote only, local only or side by side mode and even screen share during your Skype recording time. The program supports video and audio Skype call recording too, which are recorded in high-quality. Supertintin also lets you to have video Skype conversation up to 10 ways that you can record your group videos to get the best out of it; it includes voice mails and phone calls, so you won’t have to miss any media data while using it.

Wondering what windows?

Supertintin happens to work with nearly all the windows versions available and we list them for you:
– Windows 7
– Windows 8
– Windows Vista
– Windows XP
– Windows 2000

We found this soft ware great when you get down with it to take screen captures of your recordings. The screen capture you take can be viewed directly from your computer; recorded files can be shared on YouTube if you want to and can be of great use in the future.
Among other things Supertintin free trial version lets you to record Skype calls for a limited period of 15 minutes tops, which we have found far more useful than it sounds. So, if for example you want to know how the app works, you can download the trial version to test all it has got to offer you with. But to get the most out of Supertintin recorder you might want to upgrade to its premium version. It costs $29.95 but worth paying for because it offers unlimited services that you will of course not find in the free trial version.


 Supertintin is clean; it does not contain any spyware, virus or adware
 The app is lightweight; it’s only 3.6 MB, which clearly means it takes a few minutes to download
 It supports various recording options such as two files, local only, remote only, none, side by side and picture in picture
 It records both video and audio Skype conversations which is a great feature.

If you plan to use Supertintin Skype soft ware to record professional Skype calls, this could be worth paying for, but if you are just curious about how the app works the free version will do the trick.

10. AthTek

AthTek Call recorder for Skype is here to help by recording your Skype conversations. You can record both video and audio Skype calls smoothly. The program on the other hand focuses on good high-quality. it offers an automatic answer for when you are not ready to pick the call, it responds back for you, including recording audio Skype calls with MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV format as well as upload them to server. Results are always perfect, with the app trying to always entirely provide with the best options.
It has got a simple interface that’s more polished than you would often find in other apps, and the fact that you can shift the sample rate & encoding rate, it’s easy to recommend. But perhaps the best feature is automatic recording, which records all your Skype conversations automatically with all the details, name, duration, and the time of the end call. i believe everyone wants a recorder that would start to record calls automatically, more so if the calls are professional, you will not have that time of clicking on the record button all the time, so this is why this app is among the best.
It is efficient and the app meanwhile is compatible with windows, it makes recording calls easy, with recording both sides of the video call automatically. It also features another powerful resize tool, letting you to cut down the file size. You can delete or keep a recorded file with just a single click; you can also fetch actual video and audio files to Skype.
This app is fast, and gives you a chance to replay your recorded files, with a clean interface. The only disadvantage about AthTek call recorder for Skype is that it’s free trial version allows you to record calls for just less than 10 minutes. You can download the app itself free of charge. I would recommend you to pay for the full version of AthTek which offers unlimited Skype call recording. Lastly, as great as this tool is, it can become addictive, with all sorts of options it brings to your attention.

11. Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder

There are a number of reasons you might want to use a recorder, from business calls to personal calls, but whatever your reason, Dvdvideosoft is a strong option. This program has long been one of the best free applications available in the market to record your Skype conversations, and could be used to convert Skype recorded files from one format to another. The app allows you to record Skype calls at no cost for an unlimited length, it records both video and audio so you can more easily be organized. You can use it on windows, all with a single download, and the app is nicely designed, with a simple interface which is direct.
The app is built specifically for recording Skype video calls and creates more effective to do options list as a result, it has got manual settings so any call you make is recorded manually. That means you will now record calls automatically because it has no automatic default settings. That, plus the ability to record Skype video calls using the mp4, and audio calls in mp3, makes Dvdvideosft a strong option for most users.
Whether you are using this tool for the first time, or you have enough experience, you will manage to work with this soft ware. Simply follow the instructions saving you the effort of wasting your precious time. That would be enough to recommend it because it shows a clear step-by-step guide how to record your calls, it is handy option for anyone managing their work with Skype calls, but most users should be fine with the free offering.
Using this app is an enjoyable experience to just pause the recording and resume whenever you want to. The app lets you pause in the middle of your recording if you want to be clear about something let’s say you are recording this important lesson, but there’s a point mentioned and you just want to search more about it, and after you have gotten all the answers, you resume, allowing you to take full control of your Skype recordings, delivering well rounded files. There are also options to record in different modes like only audio which record both sides; only video and picture in picture which records both video & audio for all sides of the call.
The app is designed to be simple; it is also functionally powerful, with low processor requirements. In fact, it’s absolutely free from spyware and adware which makes your computer safe.


1. This tool does not support automatic recording, all calls made will be manually recording by clicking the Record button
2. The free trial version is limited.

12. G-Recorder

We all need a little help retrieving information sometimes; G-Recorder simplifies that process by letting you search for your Skype recorded files once you are connected on the internet, so you can exactly how and where you track your files from. Within a few minutes the soft ware promises to lessen your stress and increase your focus. It lets you to record audio Skype calls plus Skype chat messages and store them on your computer. The app gives you a chance to both store the recordings on computer and Gmail, letting you access your recording in the future at any time online. G-Recorder is a great Skype recorder for people who want to have organised work. It allows you to record Skype group calls and computer to computer calls. You can too add quick memos to your recorded files which generally does a surprisingly good job when searching for history, all with only a few letters from you. We will say right now: it’s for all users and given it takes little time to install.
G-Recorder overcomes all these issues of getting afraid to lose your chat history by giving you a chance to upload them into your email whereby you can even still access them on your mobile if at all you are connected. While recording your Skype audio calls you can adjust the quality of sound to your liking, so if you want to be able to hear both the voices clearly you can.
Furthermore, G-Recorder has two versions:
1, G-Recorder Standard
2, G-Recorder Professional
G-Recorder Standard comes with basic features such as recording both Skype audio calls and Messages etc for 14 days of trial, it helps users to see the soft ware’s recording capabilities mostly, and G-Recorder Professional will offer more features which are competent for example it allows users to forward both Skype calls and chats to whichever email – it also provides you with free email assistance i’e Gmail – plus you can search call notes & Skype call any time. The professional version gives you access to a number of recording options that aren’t found in the free trial one, so it’s worth investing in. Once you figure out what suits you best of the two versions, then you are free to go ahead and download G-Recorder.

Advantages of G-Recorder

• G-Recorder will store your Skype audio calls in Gmail as Mp3 files.
• With this Skype recorder soft ware you can as well choose to alternately have your Chat history achieved automatically into your email box as opposed to storing them on the local disk.
• The soft ware is convenient for anyone since it can back up chats, that means you can never lose any information, whatever you record with this app will definitely be backed up for you to use in the future.
• When you record your chats with this tool, be confident enough that you will not waste too much time on searching for them when you need to use them, you can easily search and you will get fast response.
• Another interesting feature is that, you do not have to worry when you don’t have your computer close to you; you will still be able to access all your Skype chats anytime provided you’re connected to the net, i find this really flexible because wherever you go or you are, nothing would stop you from accessing your files unless otherwise.
• G-Recorder is compatible with windows 7, windows XP, windows Vista, if you are using one of the windows; you had better try out this app to experience how different it is from the other Skype recorders.
• Also, it is simple and users will find it addictive to record their conversations and chats, i personally cannot do away with this soft ware because now, accessing my chats and Skype calls became really easier for me, whether on my telephone or computer i manage to, whenever i need to.

Disadvantages of G-Recorder

• G-Recorder’s professional version is very expensive, but if you really know what you want then it’s worth every penny to have it record your calls
• The free trial version of G-Recorder Standard offers only 14 days of call recording.
Life is busy and there’s not always too much time to waste on looking for recorded files for so long on the computer, G-Recorder solves that by allowing you to easily store your chats and calls in your email too for quick access for later. G-Recorder is one of those applications that we wonder how we ever did without now we’ve got it. Hopefully we’ll never have to go back, those were dark days.

Know your needs for a recorder

Knowing your needs for a recorder is what will set your game apart from others in the same category. You can simply start by noting down your first prioritize why you need to get one, and you figuring out what you need it for will automatically be the considerable influence on the type of a Skype recorder application you get. Different people use recorders for untold reasons, but the common use of course falls into one of these categories; just make sure to keep these in thought when looking at Skype recorders.
Interview/conferences – Mostly use the recorder for storing important information and other professional tasks.
Personal conversations – Mainly use the recorder to record private Skype conversations and share the recordings on the social media platforms for friends and relatives to watch later in the future.

Look closely at Pros & Cons of a recorder

When looking for a Skype recorder to record your conversations, keep the advantages and disadvantages of a recorder in mind because it is important to know their faults and what they are capable of doing.
I will outline some of the advantages that would make a great Skype recording soft ware.


#. Video & Audio capabilities
#. Automatic/manual recording
#. High-quality sound
#. Can store audio in MP3
#. Can store videos in MP4
#. Auto Chat Reply
#. Ability to share recorded files.
#. Free from Spyware, adware
#. Pause/Resume button
#. Able to record voice mails and Skype Chat messages
#. Free trial version which helps you to test call.
Those are some of the advantages that you should consider when choosing a Skype recorder app, this isn’t to say that it’s all; it just means that you will need to mainly focus on those i have mentioned while getting one.


We found the recording apps that will give you all the functions you might want and they are very effective, So whether you want to get a Skype recorder app that you can use to record your interviews, podcasts, personal conversations, as well as other VoIP calls, you are sure to find one on our list today that records all Skype calls in high-quality, has user-friendly interface, and some even are free to record both video and audio Skype conversations, they come in handy and will make sure to keep you glued throughout the recording session.

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