AthTek Skype recorder is easily one of the best soft wares; its slick, simple designed interface makes it stand out from other apps and its feature packed with drag and drop options, automatic and manual capabilities and more.
The best feature of this app is that it gives you high quality recordings for both video and audio Skype conversations, there’s nothing that counts more as having your Skype calls recorded in high quality, it always gives a clear and real image which makes the memories even more precious to watch again. Not only does it ensure high quality recordings, it also allows you to record your side and the other side of the Skype call without losing any media data. It even makes it easy to record the callers details for example, name, call duration, thanks to AthTek that allows you to do all this making it easy for you to search for them in the future.

You can record your Skype conversations automatically, if you make a call in Skype, the app will detect and it will automatically start recording them, so you might not even feel the need to record them manually, unless you just don’t intend to record away every Skype call.

This program works on windows and it’s every bit of impressive here, it gives you far greater control over your recording than most alternatives such as drag & release which helps you to haul your Skype recording history from Skype to Media Player. There are options of different formats you can store your Skype recordings with, such as WAV/MP3 format depending on what you like. You can also save and upload your recorded files onto a web server; this helps you to access the files whenever you want in the future.

Feature of AthTek

 AthTek Skype recorder is simple and user-friendly, it’s one tool you will not find any difficulty to use, its interface is as direct as downloading it on your computer, Once you have it installed, everything will be clear for you.

 Anyone looking for a soft ware that supports both video and audio Skype call, AthTek is the one, this tool allows users to go away with both recordings which is not common, now you can record your video Skype conversations and store the memories of your friends and families, i know that recording video is the most interesting thing to do since when you playback the memories, it looks as if its real and you are communicating with your people again

 Also, i will say this again, the tool records Skype conversations with high-quality, i am placing great emphasis on this because, if an app cannot provide you with the best quality results, then it is not worth wasting your time on, no person would be happy to preview Skype recordings that are blurred or even unheard, that is why it is important.


• The tool is advanced and will provide you with the best services
• It comes with both manual and automatic recording


To get the full version of this app requires payment first.


You can try out this AthTek call recorder soft ware for free, but if you are serious about exploring other features it has, you’ll want to try out its paid version.



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