G-Recorder is a professional tool, but it’s easy to use and you can always retrieve your calls if you need them, there are plenty of Skype recording apps, but while most offer audio and video calls few allow you to save your Skype calls and Chats in your email in the way G-Recorder does. This excellent app makes accessing your calls on the internet easy, fun and convenient. We can’t work out how such a slick, feature packed app manages to be 100% free from spyware, adware, virus, but we’re not complaining.
This program will forward all your Skype calls to a specified email no matter what. If you’re addicted to recording Skype Chats on your windows, then this tool is up there as one of the best apps. The clear and beautiful interface makes it an extremely easy task to manage and record your Skype calls and you can as well backup your Skype calls plus Chats in case you fix your system soft ware, so you’re never stuck for things to listen to.
What sets G-Recorder apart from other apps is the wealth of options, such as storing calls in email as mp3 format and the ability to access recorded files on the internet for as long as you are connected. If you have specific calls you listen to regularly, then this is the app you need.

Advantages of G-Recorder

• The best thing ever happened about this Skype recorder is that once you pay for its professional version and you don’t find it worthy or satisfying to your expectations, you are guaranteed to 30 days to get your money back, most users found this really cool, and that means you can trust the soft ware because if it was not the best available they would even never ever thought of refunding back your money. So you have all the reason to go for this tool and see what is has got in store for you.

• It gives you the power to be in control when you want to listen to your recordings, anytime any day you will manage to listen to your calls if you get connected to the internet, no more worries, for instance you have gone somewhere very far without your laptop, you will be content that you can still access them if at all you want to use them for any kind of reference.
• While recording your Skype calls, warning sounds will automatically play, but if you are not interested in them, there’s an option to disable them and continue without them.

Disadvantages of G-Recorder

• It’s free trial version will permit you to record for only 14 days


G-Recorder is one of the best Skype recorder apps for windows. It does it all. Letting users to access files on their mobile, in many ways it’s more powerful and more advanced; it can even be used to transfer existing Skype chat history to your email, it’s exciting, and you’ll wonder how you even lived without it.


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